Sunday, August 22, 2010

School begins for me tomorrow....

And one of my assignments is to create a blog for my humanities class. So, I have another one. It's at if anyone is interested in seeing what amounts to a school assignment, but who knows, maybe it's more interesting than this.
I am now into year two of my middle-aged college experience, and while I don't think I missed much by not going in my twenties, I do wish I had more time to devote to school so I could get this degree before my daughter, who's a junior in high school, gets hers. I might make it, but I don't think so. Once I can handle a full course load it will go faster, but first I'd have to quit my job and I don't really want to do that just yet.
Our air-conditioning died the other day and we are frying. AZ with no air is kind of miserable. We have a swamp cooler, but with it being monsoon season it's too humid for it to work very well, so we are just using the blower for a breeze. It's not working very well at cooling off the house. I'm about to melt.
My youngest had her birthday yesterday and now all my kids are in double digits. I think it's safe to say there are no small children left in my house. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one side I'm in the home stretch, so to speak, but on the other there is not so much of the cute funny stuff. Now it's all about learner's permits, then licenses, late nights and college board exams.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School!!

Yet again, school has begun. The buses are rolling and the homework brigade is out. All the kids seem excited to be back at it. The older ones are happy with their schedules, since they have classes and lunch with their friends, and the youngest is happy because her music teacher wasn't cut over the summer. She is bugged about one thing though: with 6th grade added to her school and taken from the middle school, she can't go out for a sports team since it's supposed to be the oldest two grades at her school. I think that she'll find out differently though.
I have two weeks before I have to go back, then I hit the ground running. A couple of weeks after that my schedule at work changes and I'll be going to work at 5:15am and getting schoolwork done before the kids get home. Tomorrow DH and I have to go out and get a bunch of supplies that the kids didn't know that they would need after today. C needs a graphing calculator, and only a specific type will do (they're $90, on sale!!). The rest need special notebooks, dry erase markers, more pencils, pens, special colored highlighters, etc. I know I like good supplies as much as the next girl, but could they just consider sending out lists a little ahead of time? They were able to get my older kids their summer reading lists, why is it so tough to get us a supply list?
Okay, rant over. I'm excited about my classes this semester, like Bio and Humanities. I also have Sociology class number 3....all about family relationships. This could be enlightening. Humanities is about pop culture and Bio is about the environment. I'm most excited about Soc, but with the other two I feel like I'm having fun getting the requirements out of the way.
Off to bed...have to get up early to shop...It tool 3 memo slots on my phone to hold the list!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been forever

I know it's been forever since I posted. With work, the kids home for the summer, our vacation and summer semester at college, I've been running my head off. The summer semester is almost over, the kids go back to school in a couple of weeks, and I start a new semester. Also, there have been some big shake-ups where I work and a lot of people seem to be upset. I'm okay with most of it, but I do have an issue with people who take everything personally, even when it has nothing to do with them. We have one that goes gonzo anytime something happens and it doesn't even reflect on her. She drives me nuts, but I guess I have to deal with it.
On Monday I have my Algebra final, and I think I will do okay on it, my score in the class it abysmal according to the website, BUT, the score was calculated based on the total score ALL the work, whether you have done it or not, not by how you did based on what you've done so far. In other words, until all my work is in I think my score is bogus. I have 70% of the work completed, and a 60% in the class. Some how I think if the total were weighted I'd be doing much better, so I have decided not to let the grade bother me at the moment. 60/70=85, or a solid B. So, I am going on that theory for a while. It gives me the guts to keep studying for my final on Monday.
My other classes are fine. I have good solid grades in them, so as long as I do okay on the finals I'll sail through. I don't even need to take the final in one class, it's optional, but I will since I think it will raise my grade.
My kids are excited to go back to school. My oldest is going to be a Junior. I have a hard time with this, she's going to be out of school and out of the house in no time it seems. My youngest is going into 4th grade, she's one of the "big kids" at her school now. My middle girl will be in 8th, and my son in October he can take his permit test. I will have to kids that will be able to drive. This is nuts! But, it's the way it goes. C is planning on which college to go to now that she can start taking her SAT's. A has known where he wants to go for years, and D is now deciding, in the 8th grade! Either I did something right, or I have pushed way too hard. Although I don't think I really pushed, they know what they want to do and how to get to do it. One wants to be a therapist, one a vet, and one an engineer (as in space shuttles). I guess if they know how to get what they want it's a good thing.
I, on the other hand, do not know. I know what I want to study, but I don't know what I want to do with the degree when I get it. There are a lot of choices.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

School's almost out.....

In nine more days my kids will be out of school. I am out of school for the moment, but I'll be taking summer classes. I'm afraid if I stop for the summer I'll forget the math I learned last semester, so I'm going to just blow through. I/m taking 2 other classes though...another sociology class and a music class. After I pass math this summer I have one more class to go and then I never have to take another math class again.
Sometimes I think it's funny to be 39 and finishing what amounts to my freshman year of college, but then I think about my grandfather. He was a doctor, but he didn't start med school until he was 42. I don't plan on med school, and even if I had my degree long ago I would have taken all the time off for the kids so it's just as well I waited until now. You can have it all, I just don't think it's practical to have it all at once. It's tough now working full time while I have kids and they are teenagers, except for Shortie who's nine. Their dad is home with them most afternoons, but I still miss then and wish I had less antisocial hours. On the plus side, when I finish school I can get a job with better hours, and more pay so it'll be easier to pay for 4 college educations that are coming up with four will start in 2012, on in 2013, the next in 2015, and the last around 2018.
The older three know what they want to do with their lives, and good for them. It took me until I was 38 to get over what my mother kept telling me to do and do what I was interested in. Of course it helps that I'm the one paying my way know, she had more say when she was paying the bill, more say than I should have given her, but what can you do when you are 18 and really don't have a clue? You listen to Mom, even if she's wrong because you think she has your best interests at heart. Maybe she does, but when you have interests as diverse as ours were it doesn't go well. One thing I learned is to let my kids choose, not to tell them that no one will take them seriously if they choose one class over another. During my first try at a degree, Mom talked me into Psych 101 instead of Sociology 101 because Soc was the "lighter" class. Well, Sociology is my major, and I might have stayed in school if I could have taken things I was actually interested in. In the end it was all for the good, since I stayed home with kids I started having at 23, but sometimes I wonder what she'd say now. I can't find out, she's dead. But I still wonder. And I love what I'm taking, even if Dad does tease me and call me a closet communist.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Immigration Debate

I'm sure everyone has heard all about Arizona's bill about illegal immigration, since cities and state all over are boycotting or threatening to boycott AZ over this. Los Angeles' boycott is kind of a joke to me, since it's got so many illegals they appear to be pandered to. I lived in the LA area for 20 years, and one thing that always got me was that I had to have insurance in case I got into an accident involving an illegal because they did not have papers of any kind (i.e. a drivers license, registration, etc) and therefore did not have the legally required insurance. So, even though I had to carry X-amount of liability in order to register my car, and pay for damage if I hit somebody, if somebody hit me I couldn't count on them being financially responsible because they didn't have to be. This is just the tip of the immigration iceberg. The plain truth is that without papers illegals get benefits that are actually denied to citizens and legal residents. This is not about being prejudiced, this is about the harsh reality that we can't take care of the whole world just because they manage to sneak in.
I have sympathy for illegals, I do. I get that many are fleeing from what they feel is an intolerable situation, and they feel there is no where else to go. But the plain truth is that we do not have the resources to take of this, and they in many cases do not contribute to the very resources they access.
I don't claim to know what the answer to this issue is, but I don't see how my state deciding to enforce existing Federal law is evil. This is a law that already exists. I have friends who are here legally and they have to carry resident alien ID at all times. Why is it asking to much that we follow laws of this land, and punish those that are in actuality breaking them by their very presence?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just life in general.....

Another day off, and I took an extra since my MIL is here. I've seen her once so far, but she'll be here today, and my Dad is coming to dinner, so it should be in interesting evening. She was here Thursday when I got home from work, and that was off the charts. My son met me in the driveway to tell me his best friend's mother died, and then while I trying to give him support I walk into the house and see my daughter sitting on the couch, very disgruntled, with enough foil in her hair to pick up cable, while MIL continues to weave more blonde into it. It's very hard to have a straight face when you see that, and I had to considering my son still had his arms wrapped around me and was still really upset.
I laughed. Son was upset until I pointed out I was laughing at his sister, and Oldest daughter was upset since she wasn't sure she wanted the weave anyway. Things calmed down after a few minutes and Son and I spent a few minutes talking in his room before I went and spent some time with MIL. She left about an hour later. She wasn't here when I got home tonight and I think I like that. I'm ready for her today.
The school semester is almost over, so while I have the time off I have to get some history and math done. I need to pass the class I'm in to go to the one I registered for, so I have got to study. I know I'll make it, but I'd like to do a little better. It will be a little tougher with MIL here, but I think I'll have some time in the mornings because she really takes her time getting ready. Like 4 hours worth. No, that's not an exaggeration. If her hair isn't perfect she starts all over again washing it and so forth. So I will have time to get things done before we see her.
I'm also glad I'm getting the extra day off. It has the bonus of shortening next week as well as my having an extra day to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. Sometimes you just need a break. I don't get "bank holidays" or any holidays really, we are open every single day. If you work a holiday you get overtime, but if it's your regularly scheduled day you have to be there. So, no real holidays. Doesn't bother me too much most of the time, but you need a day here and there to decompress, hence, taking my personal days. It helps that I don't get sick often so I have them for this. I think the only sick day I took was when Dad ended up in hospital having his appendix out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Days off aren't always off.....

I had today off. It was one of my regular days off, but I ran around so much I almost may have well gone to work. First we took Oldest Daughter to the MVD to take her permit test, and she flunked for the second time. I really miss when schools taught driver's ed, I think it made thing easier for us.I had to take it to graduate, but now most schools don't have the money so a skill kids will really need is no longer taught.
After the MVD we took the kids (teacher in service day) and went to do some shopping before we went to a movie. We saw Clash of the Titans, and I think I liked the old one better. It relied more on story and less on CGI tech to make the movie worth watching. I miss older movies, they seemed to do more with what they had to work with.
Then we got home around 4:30pm and everyone went their separate ways. We did fend for yourself for dinner, since we had a big lunch while we were out. I ended up teaching Son and Middle Daughter how to make popcorn....the old way, in a pan. Middle Daughter's first try almost burned the house down, we are still smelling the smoke, but we did eventually have popcorn. Between coming home and the popcorn I worked on my Algebra soon as I develop the courage I have to take a test. I dread this. The test is supposed to be on the first half of the chapter, but the online program doesn't seem to think so. I have been trying to learn the last half of the chapter but it's not going well, which is annoying since when it was only the first part of the chapter I had a shot at getting an A for the first time in a while where this class is concerned.
Another thing I did was register for my Summer semester classes. I am taking my next Algebra class, Music of World Cultures, and Human Sexuality. All are required for my degree, but the last one is the only Sociology class available online this summer, except for the one I already took. (My major is sociology, so I have to take something) I am going away for a week this summer with my in-laws, and taking my schoolwork with me, and this is one of the things I'm studying. Why couldn't it have been something else, like family relationships or something? DH's whole family is going to be up there, his two sisters, brother, brother-in-law, father and stepmother. I guess I had better put a cover on the book or get ribbed to the end of the Earth about 18-year itches. (DH and I have been married for that long)
I wok tomorrow night, and before I go in I need to work on my English paper and do some History. I got an A on my first History paper, now I need to write my second and get some other stuff done. I love school, but I really need to get on the ball here. At least if I tank the next few assignments I'll still pass. I want to keep the A and B I have however, since math is at best going to be a C. Right now all I know is that it's almost 10pm and I'm still doing schoolwork.